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Michael Yartsev, Ph.D.


Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Engineering
Principal Investigator


Department of Bioengineering

Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute
UC Berkeley

More about Michael

College of Engineering News Piece (2021)

Bakar Fellows Profile (2021)

Institute for Neuroscience News Piece (2015)



Yuka Minton

Lab manager



Boaz Styr, Ph.D

Postdoctoral fellow

HFSP Fellow




Julie Elie, Ph.D

Staff researcher





headshot_msnyder (1).jpg

Madeleine Snyder

Bioengineering Graduate Program

Entering class of 2019

NSF Fellow



Angelo Forli, Ph.D

Postdoctoral fellow

EMBO Fellow

HFSP Fellow




Kevin Qi 

Biophysics Graduate Program

Entering class of 2020


Yuheng Feng 
Bioengineering Graduate Program
Entering class of 2021


Hesper Chen
Biophysics Graduate Program

Entering class of 2022

Tatsumi Yoshida 
Biophysics Graduate Program
Entering class of 2023



Ofer Tchernichovski

On Sabbatical from Hunter College: 2019

Will Liberti

Post-Doc: 2020-2022

Currently: CEO, Morphosis

Wujie Zhang

Post-Doc: 2016-2022

Currently: Software engineer/Applied Machine Learning at Eikon Therapeutics

Maimon Rose

Graduate student: 2015-2021

Currently: Data Scientist at Alto Neuroscience

Tobias Schmid

Graduate student: 2016-2021

Currently: Swanson Fellow at the Column group (Science driven venture capital)

Nicholas Dotson

Post-Doc: 2017-2020

Currently: Project Scientist at Salk Institute

Daria Genzel

Visiting Scholar/Research Specialist: 2015-2020

Currently: Product Designer at SpikeGadget

Lindsey Loomis

Staff Research Associate: 2018-2020

Currently: Associate Supervisor at OLAC


Charlotte Diges

Lab Manager: 2016-2017

In Vivo Quality Lead at The Jackson Laboratory


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