A Unifying Mechanism Governing Inter-Brain Neural Relationship During Social Interactions 

Wujie Zhang & Michael M. Yartsev  (2021). bioRxiv . 

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Nonlocal Spatiotemporal Representation in the Hippocampus of Freely Flying Bats

Nicholas M. Dotson & Michael M. Yartsev  (2021). Science, 373(6551):242-247  

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The Fully Automated Bat (FAB) Flight Room: A Human-Free Environment for Studying Navigation in Flying Bats and its Initial Application to the Retrosplenial Cortex 

Daria Genzel & Michael M. Yartsev  (2021). Journal of Neuroscience Methods. 

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A Modular Approach to Vocal Learning: Disentangling the Diversity of a Complex Behavioral Trait

Morgan Wirthlin, Edward F. Chang, Mirjam Knornschild, Leah A. Krubitzer, Claudio V. Mello, Cory T. Miller, Andreas R. Pfenning, Sonja C. Vernes, Ofer Tchernichovski & Michael M. Yartsev  (2019). Neuron 104:87-99. 

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Long-term and persistent vocal plasticity in adult bats

Daria Genzel, Janki Desai, Elana Paras and Michael M. Yartsev (2019). Nature Comm. 10:3372. 

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Correlated Neural Activity Across the Brains of Socially Interacting Bats

Wujie Zhang and Michael M. Yartsev (2019). Cell doi:10.1016/j.cell.2019.05.023. 

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Evidence for hormonal control of heart regenerative capacity during endothermy acquisition

Kentaro Hiroshi,... Michael M. Yartsev,... Guo N. Huang (2019). Science 12;364(6436):184-188 

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A Hierarchical Anti-Hebbian Network Model for the Formation of Spatial Cells in Three-Dimensional Space

Karthik Soman, Srinivasa Chakravarthy and Michael M. Yartsev (2018). Nature Comm. 9(1):4046.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-06441-5.

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Nonoscillatory phase-coding and synchronization in the bat hippocampal formation

Tamir Eliav, Maya Geva-Sagiv, Michael M. Yartsev, Arseny Finkelstein, Alon Rubin, Liora Las, Nachum Ulanovsky. (2018). Cell 175(4):1119-1130

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Neuroethology of Bat Navigation

Daria Genzel, Yosef Yovel and Michael M. Yartsev (2018). Current Biology 28(17):R997-R1004 

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Causal contribution and dynamical encoding in the striatum during evidence accumulation

Michael M. Yartsev*, Timothy D Hanks*, Alice M Yoon, Carlos D Brody (2018). eLife

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Mapping the Distribution of Language Related Genes FoxP1, FoxP2 and CntnaP2 in the Brains of Vocal Learning Bat Species

Pedro M. Rodenas-Cuadrado, Janine Mengede, Laura Baas, Paolo Devanna, Tobias A. Schmid, Michael Yartsev, Uwe Firzlaff and Sonja C.Vernes  (2018). Journal of Comparative Neurology 526(8):1235-1266.

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The Emperor’s New Wardrobe: Rebalancing Diversity of Animal Models in Neuroscience Research

Michael Yartsev  (2017). Science 358, 466-469

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Encoding of head-direction by hippocampal place cells
Alon Rubin, Michael Yartsev & Nachum Ulanovsky (2014). Journal of Neuroscience, 34(3), 1067:1080

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Space Bats: Multi-dimensional spatial representation in the bat 
Michael Yartsev (2013). Science, 342, 573-574

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Representation of three-dimensional space in the hippocampus of flying bats 
Michael Yartsev & Nachum Ulanovsky (2013). Science, 340, 367-372

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Reply to Models of grid cells and theta oscillations  

Michael Yartsev, Menno Witter and Nachum Ulanovsky (2012). Nature, 488, E2-E3

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Grid cells without theta oscillations in the entorhinal cortex of bats 
Michael Yartsev, Menno Witter and Nachum Ulanovsky (2011). Nature, 479, 103-107

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Distinct or gradually-changing spatial and non-spatial representations along the dorsoventral axis of the hippocampus  
Michael Yartsev (2010). Journal of Neuroscience, 30(23), 7758-7760

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Pausing purkinje cells in the cerebellum of the awake cat  
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Front. Syst.Neurosci, 3(2), Doi:10.3389/neuro.06.002

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Dissociating the effects of past and future on neural encoding of sequences in the hippocampus   
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