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About the lab

Our lab seeks to understand the neural basis of natural spatial, social and acoustic behaviors in mammals. To do so, we utilize one of the most spatially and socially sophisticated mammals - the bat. In the spatial domain, we take advantage of the bat's natural ability to form new spatial memories and execute complex forms of navigation with extreme precision. In the social domain, we use the natural desire of bats to interact and communicate with one another in social groups. This allows us to obtain unique insight into the neurobiology of social memory and communication as the underpinnings of group social living. We further develop a wide range of technologies for monitoring neural activity (e.g., multi-animal wireless electrophysiology and calcium imaging), causal manipulations and circuit mapping in freely behaving and flying bats. Taking this neuroethological approach, we aim to uncover core principles of brain function that subserve complex natural behaviors in the mammalian brain.

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