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Updated on 4/6/2020                                                                                                                                             Links:

4/6/2020 | Grants/awards: Madeline Snyder wins the prestigious NSF research fellowship. Congratulations Madeline! 

3/26/2020 | Grants/awards: Another congratulation to Angelo Forli for being selected to receive the HFSP postdoctoral fellowship. Congratulations Angelo! 

3/26/2020 | Grants/awards: Double congratulations to Tobias Schmid for being selected to receive (1) the NIH Outstanding Scholars in Neuroscience Award (OSNAP) and (2) The outstanding GSI award. Congratulations Tobias! 

2/7/2020 | New people: Boaz Styr Joins the lab as a post-doctoral fellow.

Welcome, Boaz!

12/10/2019 | Grants/awards: Angelo Forli wins the EMBO long-term fellowship. Congratulations Angelo! 


11/18/2019 | New people: Angelo Forli Joins the lab as a post-doctoral fellow.

Welcome, Angelo!


10/18/2019 | Grants/awards: Michael receives the Jannet Rosenberg Trubatch Award from the Society of Neuroscience.


10/9/2019 | Papers: A new review with a wonderful group of collaborators on a proposed approach for studying vocal learning across species is published in Neuron.  


8/19/2019 | New people: Madeline Snyder joins the lab as a graduate student. Welcome, Maddie! 


7/29/2019 | Papers: Daria's paper on long-term and persistent vocal plasticity in adult bats is published in Nature Communications.  Congratulations Daria!


7/11/2019 | Papers: Wujie's paper on Correlated brain activity across the brains of socially interacting bats is published in Cell.  Congratulations Wujie!


6/22/2018 |Press:  A well-written piece from the Simons Foundation on the need to expand on relevant model systems in neuroscience.


3/1/2019 | Grants/awards: Undergraduate student Ashley wins the SURF 2019 Fellowship. Congratulations Ashley! 


8/3/2018 | New people: Lindsey Loomis joins the lab as a research assistant. Welcome, Lindsey! 


7/2/2018 |Press:  A nice write-up about the exciting development happening in the vocal learning field and specifically, the importance of bats as a novel mammalian model organism for studying the mammalian brain circuits of this unique phenomenon.  

5/28/2018 |Grants/awards: Two graduate students in the lab are selected to receive the 2018 Heiligenberg Student Travel Award by the Society of Neuroethology. Congratulations Maimon and Tobias!


3/16/2018 |Grants/awards: Undergraduate student Maria Ji wins the SURF L&S 2018 Fellowship. Congratulations Maria!


1/10/2018 | Papers: Daria's paper in Current Biology on the neuroethology of bat navigation is accepted.  Congratulations Daria!


1/1/2018 | New people: Julie Elie joins the lab as a post-doctoral fellow. Welcome Julie! 


27/10/2017 | Papers: Michael's review on the need for diversity in animal models for neuroscience research is out in Science.


10/16/2017 |Grants/awards: Michael is selected to receive the 2017 Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering.


1/10/2017 | New people: Nick Dotson joins the lab as a post-doctoral fellow. Welcome, Nick! 


9/28/2017 | New people: Julie Chase joins the lab as a research associate. Welcome, Julie! 


9/25/2017 |Grants/awards: Michael receives a new grant from the air force to study the neurobiological basis of 3D navigation. 


9/7/2017 | Press: A nice piece published in PNAS about our new research direction for studying vocal learning in bats.


9/7/2017 | Grants/awards: Graduate student Tobias Schmid is selected to receive the 2017 Trainee Professional Development Award from the Society of Neuroscience.


1/5/2017 | New people: Yuka Minton joins the lab as our new lab manager. Welcome, Yuka! 


5/25/2017 | Grants/awards: Michael receives the Brain Research Foundation Frank/Frank Seed Grant.


5/18/2017 | Grants/awards: Michael is selected to receive the 2017 McKnight Scholar Award.


3/17/2017 | Grants/awards: Congratulations to Maimon Rose for receiving an Honorable Mention for an NSF fellowship.


2/21/2017 | Grants/awards: Michael is named 2017 Sloan Research Fellow.


1/5/2017 | New people: Undergraduate student Maria joins the lab. Welcome Maria! 


11/5/2016 | New people: Charlotte joins the lab as our new lab manager.

Welcome aboard Charlotte! 


10/26/2016 | Grants/awards: Michael is named 2016 NYSCF – Robertson Investigator.


10/3/2016 | Grants/awards: Michael is awarded the 2016 NIH Director's New Innovator Award.


6/20/2016 | Grants/awards: Michael is awarded the 2016 Klingenstein-Simons Fellowship.


6/20/2016 | People: New undergraduate students Elana and Janki join the lab -  Welcome aboard!


6/9/2016 | Grants/awards: Michael is named 2016 Pew Scholar.


4/27/2016 | People: Maimon joins the lab for a PhD thesis! Welcome!


4/11/2016 | Grants/awards: Michael is named 2016 Searle Scholar.


4/1/2016 | People & grants/awards: Double congratulations to Tobias Schmid who got admitted to the HWNI graduate program at UC Berkeley & won the prestigious NSF graduate research fellowship.  Congratulations Tobias!!!


4/1/2016 | New people: Dr. Wujie Zhang from Columbia University joins the lab as a post-doctoral fellow. Welcome Wujie!


3/15/2016 | Grants/awards:  Justin Baik, the first undergraduate student of the lab, is named Haas Scholar for his proposal on optogenetics in bats.


2/22/2016 | Grants/awards:  Michael is awarded with a grant from the Human Frontiers Science Program with collaborators from Germany and the Netherlands


10/12/2015 | Grants/awards: Daria Genzel wins yet another grant.  This time a two year research fellowship from the German Research Foundation (DFG)  -

Congratulations Daria!


10/2/2015 | New people & grants/awards: Dr. Daria Genzel from Munich (Germany) joins the lab & wins the DAAD visitng scholar fellowship  -

Welcome & congratulations Daria!


10/1/2015 | New people: Tobias Schmid from UCSF joins the lab -  

Welcome aboard Tobias!


10/1/2015 | New people: Heidi Kleven from Trondheim (Norway) joins the lab -  Welcome aboard Heidi! 


9/23/2015 | Grants/Awards: Justin is selected as a Berkeley Physics Undergraduate Research Scholar -  Congratulations Justin! 


9/17/2015 | Grants/Awards: Michael is awarded with a grant from the Charles A. Dana Foundation -  David Mahoney Neuroimaging program. 


8/25/2015 |  The NeuroBat lab is featured on the Helen Wills Neurosciecne Institue.


8/14/2015 | Grants/Awards: Michael is awarded with the BRAIN initiative EAGER award by the National Science Foundation (NSF).



8/6/2015 |  Grants/Awards: Michael is selected as a member of The Allen Institute for Brain Science Next Generation Leaders. 


7/13/2015 | Grants/Awards: Michael is awarded the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Fund for Convergance Research in Biomedical, Physical and Engineering Sciences.  


7/11/2015 |  New People: Justin Baik from the physics department at UC Berkeley joins the lab -  Welcome aboard Justin!  


7/10/2015 | Grants/Awards: Michael wins the Konishi Neuroethology Research Award from the International Society of Neuroethology. 


7/1/2015 |   The NeuroBat lab is now open!  

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